“He’s the embodiment of integrity who is both respected and respectful.”

Scott Fitzgerald

Majority Leader, Wisconsin State Senate

Why I am Running for Wisconsin’s Supreme Court

Throughout my career I have sought positions that have allowed me to utilize my talents in service to the community. Somewhat unique among judges, I had a pre-law career in local government that spanned nearly twelve years. During that time I worked for three different Wisconsin cities in the areas of community development, planning and zoning, finance and budgeting, and city administration. I established early on in my career as a government official that I would perform my tasks fairly and impartially, knowing that few people believe they have any real hope of “fighting city hall.”  My local government experience has been extremely valuable in my later roles as attorney and judge.

As an attorney I had the opportunity to work on complex cases in many diverse areas of the law, including constitutional, environmental, and administrative law.  I devoted thousands of hours to researching these complex issues and drafting legal arguments crafted to persuade courts that my client’s interpretation of the law was correct. It was during this time that I realized what a deep passion I have for the law and the role of the judiciary.

My dedication to public service and the law converged when I became a judge. I currently serve as a circuit court judge in my hometown, a position that I enjoy immensely. My experience as a judge adds to the experience I gained as a local government official and an attorney, and uniquely prepares me for service on our state’s highest court.

It would be a tremendous honor to be able to serve all the people of this great state as a Supreme Court Justice, and I look forward to meeting with many of you in the days ahead.